The D-Grid Scheduler Interoperability (DGSI) project within the BMBF-funded D-Grid Initiative in Germany is concerned with the conception and development of an interoperability layer for scheduling in service Grids, allowing the users of a community to distribute the workload among resources within the management domain of another community. Within this context, it will be important to ensure that the individual, specialised scheduling solutions being run by the communities can to continue to function.

DGSI connects existing systems of different service Grids to a common interoperability layer. This approach ensures that the computing and storage resources existing in the core-D-Grid are sustainably available for use by all communities. The project also aims to assure users of quality guarantees for the execution of their workload, in collaboration with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) layer. Recognised public standards will be adhered to during development, so as to strengthen the interoperability of the D-Grid internationally.